Fragmentarium v0.8

I’ve released a new build of Fragmentarium with some much needed updates, including better camera control, high resolution renders, and animation.

New features in version 0.8:

  • The 3D camera has been rewritten: it is now a “first-person”, pinhole camera (like Boxplorer and Fractal Lab), and is controllable using mouse and keyboard. Camera view can now be saved together with other settings.
  • Arbitrary resolution renderings (using tile based rendering – the GPU won’t time out).
  • Preview modes (renders to FBO with lower resolution and rescales).
  • ‘Tile preview’ for previewing part of high-resolution renders.
  • Animation controller (experimental: no keyframes yet, you must animate using the system supplied ‘time’ variable. Animation is output as a sequence of still images).
  • Presets (group parameters settings and load them into a dropbox)
  • New fractals: QuaternionMandelbrot4D, Ducks, NewMenger.
  • Improved raytracer: dithering, fog, new coloring schemes.

Download it here:

High-resolution render of a 4D Quaternion Mandelbrot (click for large)

Samuel Monnier’s ‘Ducks’ Fractal has been added.

Mandelbrot/Julia type system now with embedded Mandelbrot map.

Fragmentarium test animation – click here for higher resolution.

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