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Structure Synth Rendering Templates

Creating a reasonable way of exporting Structure Synth objects to other renderers, like Sunflow and POV-Ray turned out to be more difficult than I expected. Not because they have complicated scene description languages – they don’t – but because there are a lot of settings and parameters, and I do not want to wrap and support every single one of them.

Sunflow export

Example Sunflow rendering with Global Illuminated Ambient Occlusion.

The approach I came up with is quite simple – it is now possible to define a number of rendering templates which are XML-files containing a number of text fragments, one for each of the primitives (box, sphere, …) and a ‘start’ and ‘end’ fragment.

For instance, a fragment (for a Sunflow exporter) for the ‘sphere’ primitive could look like this:

object {
  shader "s05"
  type sphere
  c {cx} {cy} {cz}
  r {rad}

where the center and radius parameters would be substituted for each instance of the primitive.

POV-Ray support

From time to time I still get a moment to work on Structure Synth, and I’ve just started working on some nice new features.

POV-Ray support is coming along quite nicely. Here is a preview:


POV-Ray rendered output.

Also, the user interface will be improved with tabs, full-screen and screendump support:


The new user-interface.