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Modern Wonders

Dark Roasted Blend is a daily updated photo blog with “weird and wonderful things”. And yes, some of them really are. This blog entry is a highlight of some of my favorite sights.

Tokyo Storm Water System

Tokyo Storm Water System

Tokyo Storm Water System. (from this entry)

Located below Tokyo and looking like something straight out of Total Recall, these cathedral-like caverns are built as buffers to prevent flooding during heavy rain and typhoon seasons.
Be sure to check out the original photos as well.

Dubai Architecture

Dubai has a lot of fascinating architecture. Their artificial islands are some of the more prominent. They can also be found on Google Maps.

Dubai artificial islands

Dubai artificial islands. (from this entry)

Mega Machines and Big Structures

Almost a trademark of Dark Roasted Blend. A few selected entries:
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NASA Space Shuttle Transport Platform

NASA Space Shuttle transport Platform. (from this entry)

Russian High Voltage Pulse Generator

Russian High Voltage Pulse Generator. (from this entry)

Solar Thermal Power Plants

Solar Thermal Power Plants. (from this entry)

Krupps Excavator 288

Krupps Excavator 288. (from this entry)

Now that is one mean machine. Can’t help thinking of Naked Lunch: “I use a Krupps Dominator myself. Company policy.