Structure Synth v0.8.5 Released (“Exonautica Reloaded”)

Well, it turned out that version 0.8.0 missed a few dependencies for the Windows build (so it would not run on a clean Windows XP SP2 install). So, before going away on my summer holiday, I made a quick intermediate release of Structure Synth. Now, if it would just stop raining…


Version 0.8.5 changes:
The provided Windows binaries did not work for Windows XP (without installing the VS2008 C++ Runtime manually)
Size and position of window are now stored in registry.
Fixed a missing include statement causing compilation errors on Debian.
Fixed a bug which caused errors to be highlighted on the wrong text line in GUI, when comments were present.
Fixed a newly introduced bug which caused the ‘maxdepth’ property for a custom rule to fail.
Bug fix: TemplateExporter: All objects may now use the {UID} tag.
Bug fix: Reset View did not reset scale.

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