Mandelbulb Implementations

Several implementations have appeared since the Mandelbulb surfaced a couple of months ago. The first public GPU implementation I know of was created by ‘cbuchner1’. It is based on a sample from NVIDIAs OptiX SDK, and features anaglyphic 3D, ambient occlusion, phong shading, reflection, and environment maps. It can be downloaded here (Windows only and … Continue reading Mandelbulb Implementations

Quaternion Julia sets and GPU computation.

Subblue has released another impressive Pixel Bender plugin, this time a Quaternion Julia set renderer. The plugin can be downloaded here. Quaternions are extensions of the complex numbers with four independent components. Quaternion Julia sets still explore the convergence of the system z ← z2 + c, but this time z and c are allowed … Continue reading Quaternion Julia sets and GPU computation.