Structure Synth in VVVV

It is always fun to see Structure Synth used in various contexts, so I am happy to see that Julien (Vux) has created a Structure Synth plugin for vvvv. It is a .NET (C#) Assembly wrapping the original C++ Structure Synth code. The license turned out to be a bit tricky, though:

Structure Synth is a GPL licensed application.

This is something I cannot change, because Structure Synth is based on Qt Open Source Edition which requires that the application is GPL’ed.

vvvv on the other hand is a closed source application. The question is whether a closed source application may use an GPL’ed plugin. It turns out that this is a bit fuzzy in the GPL, but as I read the license, an isolated plugin which provides no vital functionality to vvvv should be okay.

Well, enough license talk. Here is the link:

Structure Synth vvvv plugin page

Update: Vux has also made this nice video.

2 thoughts on “Structure Synth in VVVV

  1. Now that Nokia has made Qt available under LGPL would it be possible to relicense structure synth to LGPL to make it also LGPL if this would make it easier to use with other licenses?

    I’d imagine it would make integration easier if it were (if your up for it that is).

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